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About Dr Patricia Benstein

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I see myself as a creative educator who believes that learning happens when students are fully engaged and 'in the flow'. The learning process still fascinates me and I think I will never cease to be curious about people and life.


The University of Frankfurt 

Apr 2008 – Present

(10 years 10 months) 

The University of Frankfurt Key Functions: Preparing future English teachers for their State examination in English as a second language Development of curricula, course materials and exams for German and international students Teaching integrated language skills to students of English linguistics Development of E-learning teaching and learning materials Cooperation with Australian schools to encourage exchange programs Examination of German and international students who wish to teach English in German schools (Certified examiner for the "Staatsexamen" and "Magister" final examinations General administration of all matters relating to the practical English language section


Dr Patricia Benstein has been an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Humanities at The University of Western Australia. Patricia studied English, French, and German literature at Melbourne University. She then obtained a Diploma of Education and became a qualified secondary teacher of languages and a NAATI accredited interpreter and translator. She also studied French and Russian at the Sorbonne University. She obtained her first PhD in Education from the University of Sydney. After many years of lecturing at universities in Australia and Germany, she was awarded a second PhD (mention très honorable) in spiritual anthropology from the University of Aix-en-Provence. Her research areas include the multidimensional nature of human beings and optimal educational conditions for the expression of human potential.


Integration of the Self and Awareness (ISA) Innovative Teaching Multidimensional nature of human beings Human potential 'Flow' in teaching and learning Creativity in the classroom

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